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The Love of Money

Our family has some close friends who are caught with two houses. They built a new, fancy, house to sell right before the bottom fell out of the housing market. Now they are paying two mortgages and have had to put both of their homes on the market. A falling stock market is taking care of whatever else might be left. I should mention that they are very Christ-like people. It's easy to tell that they know God in a very intimate way. A couple nights ago they came over from dinner. The husband, Jack, told us about his recent trip to their financial advisor. He described it, with a hint of southern drawl, something like this:

Financial Advisor: "There's some cash left over in here. Do you want to pull it out? Do you need it?"
Jack: "Nope."
FA: "Ok, 'cause I want to invest it and it might be tied up for a little while."
J: "Ok, that sounds good."
FA: "I want to make sure you feel comfortable about doing this. How do you f…