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Baby Culby Revealed

Please join us in joyfully welcoming Peter "Petya" Maraman Culbertson.  

He arrived March 14th, 2013 at 5:45 in the evening after a rather "uneventful" (seemed pretty eventful for mom and baby) labor and delivery.
He crashed the scales at 8 lbs 9 oz and measured an impressive 21".  He certainly gets most of his lengthy features from his father, but the verdict is still out on hair color.

Anna, at first thrilled with the new addition, welcomed him into our family with a laugh and a friendly pat on the tummy, and reassured him that he is indeed a "baby."  She loves his little coos and squeaks, often exclaiming, "noisy baby!" at the end of one of his bursts.  However, after helping Dad push him around the hospital hallway in his rolling bassinet, she did let us know that she was "all done Peter," a sentiment that may linger for quite some time into their youth together.

We chose the name Peter primarily after the figure of Peter in the G…

Bad Day in the Hundred Acre Woods

The Moscow Times recently came across this children's canned meat product offered by the label "Winnie the Pooh," featuring both donkey and pig meat.  Sources say Eeyore saw it coming all along, but Piglet was very much taken by surprise.  Not a happy day in the Hundred Acre Woods.
On a related note, MT reports "Separately, IKEA has stopped selling sausages in Russia after finding horse meat in sausages from its local supplier."
Christopher Robin declined to comment at this time on either story.