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Not in Kansas Anymore...

There are moments when it strikes me just how different our life is here in Moscow than in Colorado.  Anna's ever increasing vocabulary has recently aided me in understanding the transition we've made from suburbia, Colorado to high-rise city living.
As we walked home from the store just minutes from our apartment, the jarring sound of a pavement cutter finally ceased for approximately 10 minutes as road pavers took a quick break from their labor to argue over the Steamroller's alignment right outside our apartment entrance.  The pause in noise was quickly met with Anna's sweet voice saying, "All done mowing lawn."
In a sense, yes.  Pavement : Moscow as lawn : Colorado.  Anna very appropriately used the words she had available from one context and inserted them into another.  It's just the lawn here is so black, so hard, and so difficult to enjoy a picnic upon.
Just like that, it hit me:  we're back in the city.
And in this case, I do believe the…