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Fantasy Football

This year I became a member of my extended family's Fantasy Football League - White House Rules. As it turns out, I'm pretty amazing. My secret? Making good choices. For example, this year, I chose to auto-draft my team rather than selecting players based on their teams' colors or helmet designs. I figured ESPN's systematic ranking of players based on their performance rating, may produce a more "competent" team, rather than the color coordinated team I stood behind previous to this year. However, certain decisions do carry grievous consequences. Did I specifically request a garish combination of bright yellows, faded oranges, and deep golds? Of course not! Although my team can't all wear catchy tiger striped Bengal helmets, or even sport a non-offensive Eagle jersey's color scheme, I settle for Plaxico Burress (Mr. Plax-tastic in my book) coming through with an unexpected 34 point total his first week - thrusting me to a victorious lead. My team, not…