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Spring is in the air! It's difficult to decide what the best part actually could be. The grass is greener, emerging in places long covered by snow and ice. White and pink blossoms are budding on trees all over the city. Temperatures are on the rise! Dan's been steadily recovering from his winter hibernation, even braving the strange looks from venturing outside with flip-flops. The best part? People are happier. It's so much easier to see smiles from local vendors, women talking and laughing while walking together, and young people dancing and joking in groups together in the park. Spring is a wonderful time in Russia. After so much winter, life is returning in new colors, scents, even faces all over Moscow.

Quite Literally!

Recently, Dan and I have been thinking though literal translations of conversations we have with people we know here in Moscow. We thought we'd provide you with just that – a literal conversation. Of course, the Russian comes across much better, but a word for word translation can be quite entertaining:
Rachel: Hello!Dan: Hi!Rachel: How business of yours?Dan: Everything normally, saved God. And of yours?Rachel: Also normally. Today went you to study of Russian language?Dan: Went.Rachel: Interestingly?Dan: No very. Today we with Tamara Leonidovna busied ourselves with verbs of movement. On example: To go. To go. To go. To go. To go. To go. And to go.Rachel: Nothing to myself! Pitily to me that me no was!Dan: Also to me. Difficult to me to busy myself with Russian language one. But, on own business, to me need was to study, everything equal.Rachel: You I understand. Next one, come!Dan: Let's! Ok, I go store. To us needed something?Rachel: No. We …