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The Guinea Pig Experiment

We're watching our friends' guinea pigs for a couple months this summer.   Anna was thrilled to see some new faces around here... at first.  

It doesn't seem that the pigs actually bit her, perhaps just got a little too close for comfort.  At any rate, they've become fast friends since this incident.  Anna crawls over to their cage waving and squealing to greet them each morning now.  We're also learning new words like, "careful," "gentle," and "NO!" while hosting the piggies.  Good times.

A Hit at the Hermitage

When touring the Hermitage in St. Petersburg with my folks in May, we learned that although still not able to walk, Anna proved to be quite a tour guide!  Her favorite thing to do this month is point!  When we let her loose, she steadily crawled all over the place, pointing out the more spectacular art all around her.  I was amazed at the rave reviews she received from the museum attendants - everybody oo'ing and ahh'ing along with her.  As with most places we go when Anna's with us, we made a lot of friends.  One older Russian man even said, "one day she'll be able to tell her children 'I crawled around the Hermitage before I was one year old.'"