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The Best of the Rest

Our most recent updated featured some of our 2013 Highlights.  If you didn't receive it, but would like to (unlikely as I think all 5 of my blog followers are on our mailing list), just leave a comment and I'd be happy to send it your way.
As one page is simply not enough to capture all of 2013, so I'd like to devote this blog to those other special moments, people, and events, which made this past year so memorable.
Best Craig's List Purchase?

This $40 beast of a jogging stroller.  No, it doesn't fit in the metro.  No, it doesn't fold up much smaller than this.  No, it doesn't even fit through our front door.  It is, in every way, a beast.  But now, thanks to those $40 well invested, so am I.
Thanks to training runs with Anna and Peter in tow, I was able to train for a half marathon on New Year's Day.  What a fun experience.
And worth every venture outside, carrying Peter in the Ergo, the stroller folded up in one hand, taking Anna down the stairs with…

Rum pa pum pum.

This year's holiday seasons were undoubtedly the worst that I've experienced.
A long list of contributing factors all lead to this holiday catastrophe, but ranking #1, as with most of my disasters, would be my own expectations.  But before we get there, here are some of the others:
#4 - It rained.  No snow for weeks, no snow to come, no miraculous white powder to cover the grime of the city outside...  In Seattle, rain is par for the course.  In Moscow, snow is that uniting winter element invoking laughter from children, brightening the city, even causing occasional smiles from the babushki.  No snow, no winter.  No winter, no Christmas.

#16 - No tree.  They didn't sell Christmas trees at our metro stop this year.  Getting a tree from a different place in town would have required a lot of work and a lot of money, both of which weren't willingly relegated by Dan or myself this year.  We did joke about cutting down a tree from a nearby courtyard, but it turns out that procu…