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The Dostoevsky Cool Club - More Summer Fun

One interesting commonality among ex-pats living in Russia?  A love for good Russian literature!  Although this characteristic is not true for everybody living here, we have found a fun pocket of fellow literary Russo-philes here in Moscow.  We even have a common joke amongst our fascinating [read: nerdy] group of friends that the first person to quote, allude, or even mention "Dostoevsky" during conversation wins a special prize.  And as much fun as this is for Rachel, it turns out that these avid readers also enjoy cycling, making them shockingly good company for Dan as well!
Last summer, our little group began a book club as an opportunity to do a little more intentional reading, discuss interesting and pertinent ideas, and just have an excuse for more frequent meetings.  We also tried a new hot sandwich recipe each week, the most popular being a homemade meatball sub.  We read Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry.  Even Dan, much to his chagrin, enjoyed it and recommends it to …

Swing and a Miss

Playground:  FAIL.

Note to self:  when installing new flooring around playground equipment, be sure that you put the flooring around said playground equipment rather than next-to.
The best part was watching the workmen putting in the fence stand around this corner for a good 2 hours deliberating how to fence in the wild side of the teeter-toter (as if it could be done.)
Moscow playgrounds: 1 Culbertsons: 0