Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Frozen Laundry

Yeah, it's happened again!


Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Run

This year, Dan and I took part in our team's tradition of running the Garden Ring around Moscow's center the morning of the 1st.  It's one of the only times a year this run is possible - due to lessened air pollution, little traffic, and few pedestrians out on the streets.  It was entertaining to see so many Moscovites just concluding their New Year's Eve celebrations as we were just beginning our morning run - we were certainly a shock for many!  For those of you who'd like a closer look, here's a link to our run on

Now, for your viewing pleasure, some footage from the run.  This was just as we popped out of the metro to begin.  It was still fairly dark - the sun wouldn't really rise until closer to our ending time, but we were excited none the less!


Our team consisted of two parts, the half-ringers and the full-ringers.  The half-ringers, already in full stride, Liz and Lola, show their enthusiasm for the day's adventure.  

The full-ringers, obviously unaware of what lay ahead, smiled for the camera... smiles we would not see again until 10+ miles later!  Okay... maybe once or twice...

We were close to approaching Red Square and on our way to the finish line.  Here's a shot of us crossing Крымский Мост.


Just another quick bridge, and we were almost there.  What a magnificent sunrise.  It's amazing to imagine just what this location would have been like hours before, teeming with people celebrating the new year with friends and family from all over Russia!  But at 8 in the morning, it was fairly easy to grab a picture at this usually crowded vista.

Finally, the Starlight Diner, our finish line and makers of a fantastic breakfast for all hungry runners!  A little more worn, a little less energetic, but quite satisfied.  Guess it's time to retire the running shoes...

Or maybe not!  (This means you too, Dan!)


Friday, January 1, 2010