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Fantasy Football

This year I became a member of my extended family's Fantasy Football League - White House Rules. As it turns out, I'm pretty amazing. My secret? Making good choices. For example, this year, I chose to auto-draft my team rather than selecting players based on their teams' colors or helmet designs. I figured ESPN's systematic ranking of players based on their performance rating, may produce a more "competent" team, rather than the color coordinated team I stood behind previous to this year. However, certain decisions do carry grievous consequences. Did I specifically request a garish combination of bright yellows, faded oranges, and deep golds? Of course not! Although my team can't all wear catchy tiger striped Bengal helmets, or even sport a non-offensive Eagle jersey's color scheme, I settle for Plaxico Burress (Mr. Plax-tastic in my book) coming through with an unexpected 34 point total his first week - thrusting me to a victorious lead. My team, not necessarily a combination of patterns and colors I'd like to see all at once, does manage to perform moderately well when adding an objective point total based on their merits and performance during the weekend's matches. Critical considerations like these seem to propel me closer and closer to bringing home the grand prize. Yet, worst come to worst, I'm only out ten bucks.


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Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Don't like brussel sprouts? No worries, these don't taste a thing like them! Our children asked for second (and third) helpings and as Dan remarked, they easily outshone everything else on the table. We took them to our Thanksgiving dinner as well as a Christmas party as they travel and reheat surprisingly well and complemented those more traditional dishes.

2 slices bacon
1 lb. brussel sprouts (thawed if frozen) sliced in half
1/2 an onion sliced into thin loops
Salt and pepper to season
3 TB maple syrup 3 TB apple cider vinegar *optional
1/4 cup raisins *optional

If using raisins, put them in a cup with the apple cider vinegar and set aside. (Raisins can soak over night for brighter flavor.)

In a cast iron skillet, cook 2 slices of bacon over medium heat. Remove bacon from pan to crumble once cool.

Using the hot bacon grease, add brussel sprouts and onion slices to the skillet and immediately season with salt and pepper. Adjust heat to medium low if…

Spiritual Tourism 101

Today Anna and I joined our visiting friends from Eastern Washington on a trip to Christ the Savior Cathedral downtown. Often, when we host visitors, we try to resist the temptation to tell them everything we think we know about the people and places around them. From our own experience, we've learned that one of the greatest joys of travel involves coming into contact with a new culture, new ideas, and new traditions, and learning about those things first hand from the people who live there - that is what really creates a lasting impression and connection with any new place and people. 
We've created a spiritual tourism guide for Moscow which embraces this concept based on the Field Observation Process (FOP) featuring first hand interaction with the places and traditions of Russia, all within the context of building new friendships with the people that live here. The first trip, Spiritual Tourism 101, involves two of Russia's most spiritual locations: Christ the Savior Cat…

Winter Bible Conference 2017

Peter was hunched up against the window of the high-speed train to Saint Petersburg, trying desperately to see how the train rolled along the rails when we got the message: "the health department has closed the location for the conference, please pray."
Many of the 115 students and staff from 17 cities across Russia were already en route, like us, to our annual Winter Bible Conference when this unexpected news hit. We arrived in St. Pete, shaking the softly falling snow from our luggage and hats, not fully knowing what to think or expect for this year's conference. However, while we were flying across Russia's rails, praying for help and provision, staff in St. Pete had hit the ground searching for a new location to fit our demographic and budget - not an easy task. In the end, we got our answer and miraculously nobody was lost in the shuffle.

The opening meeting emerged from non-stop logistical, physical, and relational chaos and met an audience surprisingly humble…