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The Sound of Russian Music

The hills were alive here in Moscow from October to June.  

A friend and I went to see this spectacular production on its closing week - incredibly impressive.  While it clung very tightly to the American version, there were quite a few unique moments of Russian humor, satire, and a very powerful response to Nazi fascism absent from the Julie Andrews' "original." I quite enjoyed our evening at the theater - and look forward to "Mamma Mia" coming in October 2012!  Imagine, all of Abba's hits translated into Russian except for one line from the song "Dancing Queen."  
Stay tuned for a noteworthy review!

Before I leave you, allow me to share with you Russia's version of America's version of favorite things to be had in Austria.  Courtesy of google.translate (thus the humorous gramatical errors...)  [Also, please keep in mind that it does actually go with the music when sung in Russian...]

Christmas tree in garlands and colorful beads,
Joyful laughter, a pillow gifts
With a red ribbon bag of butterscotch
Trifles are my salvation!
Noisy kids happy faces, melting snow on the nose and eyelashes,
Sledding cheerful light the flight
Trifles are my salvation!
Roses covered with fresh dew,
Schnitzel with noodles, a sandwich with sausage,
Cream cake, door bell
That is something of a loved me!

If sad, if grimly, if rain falls,
I will remember all the things that I love very much and again, the soul is singing!

Warm rolls with a crispy crust,
Mugs and a kettle of copper shiny,
What's on your plate sings
Trifles are my salvation!
Wind circling autumn leaves,
Viburnum ripe purple brush
The first snowdrop, and lily of the valley in the spring
Here's something from my favorite!

And also for your reading/sing-a-long pleasure, Do-Re-Mi for the Russian singer:

Do - our home, our sweet home,
Re - childish chatter,
Mi - medicine at bedtime,
Fa - a fantasy of mine.
Sol - in a salt shaker on the table,
Lya - the frog under a bush,
Si - signal on the ship,
Then we swim back to the Home.
Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, Do.


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